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cracking down especially around schools. good morning, a lot of high clouds and low clouds in the area, will that affect the temperatures? we will have those in two minutes.
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. it was said very clearly you will regret doing this. an alleged conversation with the white house, what he said about sequestration that led to a heated exchange. we are live where several children have been hit by cars while walking to school and we will tell you the latest as the morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us this thursday morning february 28th, i am pam cook. >> and let's check your weather and traffic, we are going to
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steve, so far it looks like a warm day? >> it will be warm, pam, dave, it is really mild, 4s to near -- 40s to near 50 degrees and it will not take long to warm up and highs today very mild and warm, maybe even a little muggy. right now on the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving along nicely from marin county to san francisco you will not see any major delays, looking also at the san mateo, that traffic looks good to the peninsular. let's go back to the desk. >> police in santa cruz will start going back to work today after mourning the loss of two veteran detectives killed in the line of duty. today we are finding out about how that encounter happened. live at headquarters, here is more. >> reporter: behind me you can see there is a memorial here
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and pictures of the fallen officers here still shell shocked by what has happened. detective sergeant butch baker and elizabeth butler died and more details are surfacing. a cell phone video had captured the chaos and deceives had gone to the home of 45-year-old jeremy ghoul lay and he shot and killed the officers on his door step. we spoke to somebody who knew him well. >> a lot of people looked up to sergeant baker for his experience. >> reporter: ghoul lay was found wearing body armor and it may have come from the two
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fallen officers. coming up, we should start to see police trickle in here for a lineup and we'll see if any of them are willing to talk with us this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news. santa cruz police have set up two funds for those fallen officers and one is at the bay credit union and they can be made out to the police association. the second is at wells fargo bank they have established the baker fund. tragedy continues here both on the air and on line. stay with us all morning and we will have updates from outside police headquarters and you can always get updates on ktvu channel 2 morning news and on our facebook paint. it is his last day as pope. >> now the cardinals are getting a standing avenue evacuation when he met for the
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last time. he presented obedience to his successor. he told the cardinals that they are the princes of the church urging them to work together and set aside differences while electing a new pope. roger mahoning had revealed he plotted to conceal information from the clergy. they are asking them to pray and he went on twitter san said, he grasped my hand and said yes. they are withholding special services honoring pope benedict xvi. they plan a thanksgiving mass at 8:00 this morning at st. mary's and there will be a
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thanksgiving for his services to the church. washington reporter bob woodward said a senior person at the white house threatened him. they said that he would regret what he said but they are accusing president barack obama over the goal post for spending cuts and that generated the e- mail from the white house. >> it makes me very uncomfortable to have the white house telling reporters telling the white house you are going to regret... >> he suggested woodward would -- woodward would regret his statement because it was not accurate. spending cuts are due to kick in tomorrow. they are set to vote on rival
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and republican bills to try to replace the spending cuts. coming up at 6:15, the likely resolve of the senate vote and how they voted on sequestration back when it was first proposed. police are asking for the public help who tried to hit three people who were hit in west oakland. it happened on brook dale park. the three people who were hit are expected to survive. neighbors say the driver also hit a house. >> there were 3 girls laying on the grass. ambulance attendants were dealing with them and it was crazy. >> police believe the suspect was driving a stolen car and anybody with information is asked to contact oakland police. new concerns this morning about the safety of students walking to school in mountain view after a high school student was hit by a car in across walk. it happened on soshore line
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boulevard. janine de la vega has more. jeanine, we understand this is not the first time it happened? >> reporter: it happened at a 4th location and we do know in this case the teen was ruling the crosswalk when he was walking to school here near south shore line boulevard and this is a heavily traveled road and police want people to slow down and pay attention. it happened in recent weeks. >> he hit them and it was on his way to mountain view academy. he was treated for non-life threatening injuries and he was at fault for failing to yield. alcohol and speed were not a factor. >> reporter: they have been dealing with safety issues in recent months and they have
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ramped up patrols and in the last few months, grammar school students were injured in three different crosswalks near caster street. in those incidents, it appeared the children were at fault but they are trying to cut down on most wrists -- motorists who fail to stop at crosswalks. we know the response was relatively quick because the police was just one block here on veil have la avenue, it was very lucky that he got taken care of and we hope to speak to pedestrians later on during the
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morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news janine de la vega. sal, it looks busier? >> yes, we are backed up for about a five minute delay and it is growing by the minute and this is the time it does get busier. it is a temporary quiet spot here. if you are driving into san francisco, it does look pretty good on san francisco freeways, in fact let's look at the next live picture which would be where we are going, so traffic is moving along okay on the bridge itself and no problems on the bridge and lower deck, this traffic does look good and the traffic on 101 and 285 is off to a good start. let's go to steve. >> i don't think they will last too long, also with mild to warm temperatures today a lot
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more high clouds are coming in and tropical clouds on sunday, next rain will be wednesday march 6th, looking good, speaking of rain it was just issued by the national weather service and it is the 15th dryest february ever for downtown l.a. x and smash smash. -- santa barbara. it is incredibly dry. for us, we had actually -- we actually had a little rain and it's all gone. cooling trend starts on the weekend and we had lost low clouds, i will show you which went by last night. a couple of little sprinkles, and if you see some on your windshield, 40s to 50s. it is almost 50s for many. that is not the case and we will be out of the gate. the cloud cover is pushing
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north and fairer and warmer conditions. 70s inland for many, not as breezy, 60s and lower 70s and temperatures will continue to warm up and today looks good, in fact mid-70s, they were 74 yesterday, 60s to near 70 as well. mostly cloudy and much cooler next week. thank you steve. thousands of gallons of sewerage is spilled into one north bay community and what led to a delay in the cleanup. >> remember that and how it affected russia from the meteor? we will have more on that. curry's remarkable performance in madison square garden end.
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. welcome back, time now is 6:13, the meteor that blew up really made waves. we were talking about sound waves. the meteor unleashed a low frequency rumble that reached the entire globe. it is far lower than what humans can hear but it is giving us new clues about what injured so many people. it is in washington state
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and the governor there says six tanks at the nuclear reservation may be leaking 1,000 of gallons of radioactive waste each year. there is no way to fix those leaking tanks so a permanent fix could be months away. it was built at the height of world war ii and it was part of the manhattan project to build an tonight mix bomb. -- atomic bomb, it is now holding 50,000 gallons of radioactive waste. the spill happened behind a house and the spill was reported tuesday morning even though it was first spotted monday night. 2 5,000 gallons of sewerage spilled and the district tells the independent journal that it could have been reduced if the incident had been reported 0
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sooner. nancy pelosi will call on many and she is one of the several california lawmakers who voted to allow sequestration to happen. >> reporter: they didn't expect it to come down to sequestration which comes to budgets with no -- budgets with no plans in place. house minority leader nancy pelosi and mike thompson also voted to approve sequestration through the budget control act but barbara lee and tom mcclintock voted against it. neither is expected to get the 60 votes to pass.
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another 55 billion will be done in tax revenue but republicans are refusing to raise taxes. they are pushing for 85 billion in cuts and they want president barack obama to determine which programs to cut and which to save. republicans are arguing sequestration is not all doom and gloom as some democrats claim. a new spending plan has to be in place but it is likely they will be reversed before they even take affect. president barack obama is expected to meet with top congressional leaders and i will have more on that when i see you next, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> here in the bay area many who depend on federal offending include 5.4 statewide that gives free healthy meals to
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senior citizens. and air traffic controllers will have to take one furlough day every two weeks and $87 million will be kicked out of the head start program. he starts today as a new treasury secretary after he was confirmed by the senate. he was also budget director. last night the school board voted to fire merrill grant just two days after he was placed on administrative leave. there is a public outcry after the way he handled a special education teacher. holder was accused of kicking a student and was still allowed to teach.
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an alleged prostitute is scheduled to appear in court. katrina fritz and another prostitute gave information about the layout of the home and they are all accused of murdering somebody during a home invasion. he was giving her thousands of dollars each month to buy a house but she became angry when he gave her a sexually transmitted disease. after talking with stefan curry and after that, the only thing more special would have been a victory. >> he had 54 points and it was the most points scored by a war your since 1984. he also made a team 11, 3 point shots and they didn't have
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david lee who was suspended for that fight on tuesday and they still lost the game and the knicks beat them. well, they are promising a knock out performance, the mike tyson, one man broadway show is coming in about 8 minutes from now. the former director put his life into words. let's go back over to sal, he is checking in on oakland, how is the commute there, sal? >> we are looking at these commute and southbound oakland and san leandro it has continued to be a nice drive and i am continuing to check with chp and maybe it is the quiet before the storm. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it has not filled
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in as it normally does. we are backed up for a 5 to 8 minute delay. if you are driving 880 southbound, we see about 14 minutes drive time from 218 to maury and it's a little bit heavy after but i think we are easizing in. a combination of low clouds, it has paged up some of the that low cloud deck. we will have some low clouds and humidity is much higher today. nice to warm, in fact a lot of low 70s inland. it has washed out and next tuesday night and maybe next thursday as well we will have rain. 40s to almost 50 degrees on the
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temperatures, remember yesterday fairfield was 29 yesterday at this time. now they are 44. high clouds will clear out. some of that coastal low cloud deck, mid-70s, even warmer on fright tie and saturday will look cooler with rain developing. good news from the labor department, just a short time ago 345 million americans filed for first time unemployment and that's down from a week before. fewer companies are laying off workers and may be willing to hire and the numbers could bounce back up in the coming weeks as forced budget cuts take affect. a dating website makes an
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offer to the town of woodside, is a name change worth $10 million? >> plus the generous action taken to help a transgender man. [ male announcer ] you think you know me. i'm just warm weather and beaches. but i'm so much more. i'm movie sets and studio tours. i'm family, museums, and world-class art. and that's the point. you'll see things here that you never expected. ♪
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. welcome back, the town of woodside received arrays i proposition -- a racy proposition. theincase you are wondering sugar daddy matches older men with younger women and they picked a town who really does not look for publicity. mike tyson will be in san francisco tonight for the premier of this one man play. it is called mike tyson, undistributed truth. he earned and lost hundreds of millions of dollars and the show is directed by that man, spike lee. it will be held through saturday night. a fraternity in massachusetts is being praised for caring about one of its
6:29 am
newest pledges. he was born female but always felt he was male and he came out when he was 17 but the insurance company would not pay the $8,000 to finish his transgender surgery. they have now raised more than twice as much money as needed and plan to donate the other money to help other transgender students. southbound is looking good as you drive through 17 and it's going to be a little more crowded. also past mission that traffic looks good. let's go to steve. much warmer lows this morning, for the cloud cover, it is mostly fair, mostly sunny, low 70s, dave? bart fares may be going up
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and we have very important hearing coming up in just a few hours from now. santa cruz officers head back to work for the first time since tuesday after one of their own -- two of their own are gunned down in the line of duty. well, well, well.
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. oh great, right on time. it is the world baseball classic ringing the bell and you might recognize the gentleman in the glasses is alexa maldonado. march 17th to the 19th, giving
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us a wave, it looks like a decent day on wall street and we will check in, in a little bit. thank you for joining us, good morning, it is already thursday february 28th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. santa cruz officer will begin returning to work after mourning the loss of two veteran detectives lost in the line of duty and we will learn more about how this deadly encounter unfolded. tara moriarty joins us live santa cruz headquarters, tara? >> reporter: they were just here at headquarters and we understood many of these officers are not willing to speak about the tragedy just yet, but here there is a memorial which is large and sheriff's deputies had assumed patrols and lost emotions are still raw. you can see flowers and candles of the two fallen officers and meanwhile more details about
6:34 am
the deadly tragedy is still surfacing a cell phone video of what happened has surfaced and they had gone to the home of jeremy for a follow-up investigation on sexual assault. he shot detective -- he shot the detectives and the officer had no idea what they were dealing with. >> we know now he was distraught and had intentions of potentially harming people and/or the police. >> they were both incredible officers and people. >> reporter: investigators say he was later found wearing body armor and carrying three guns and they believe the guns and armor may have come from the two officers. he was found just around the
6:35 am
corner from his home on doyle street. we will be back here when funeral services take over and police are taking over to help them out and we have more about the funeral services coming up in the next half hour. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. we also learned the suspect worked at the coffee shop in north oakland for about nine months. he tells us he was fired last fall after missing work for a couple of days and he described him as creepy who made many customers uncomfortable. he reportedly lived for a time in berkeley with his twin brother. many officers have gone back to work and attended a very emotional vigil last night. >> [ music... ] >> during the service the police chief wiped away tears and they came to honor baker,
6:36 am
he was a father and husband and they also attended services for elizabeth baker, she was a mother of two young children. >> what do you do when something so savage and inn he can missable -- inn he can applicable and -- something so horrible has taken place. >> they plan to be at the funeral next week and santa cruz deputies will be filling in for police on patrol during this morning. and our coverage continues right here on channel 2 both on the air and on line. make sure you stay with us all morning from outside police headquarters and you can always get updates on and our facebook page. they are asking to find a
6:37 am
suspect in a deadly hit-and- run. it happened at 1:00 yesterday afternoon on montgomery drive. police found the victim pedestrian lying on the road. the suspect is believed to be riding a newer light colored mercedes and anybody with information is asked to call police. it could be just the beginning and the transit board has an important vote in just a few hours from now. tara moriarty is talking ugg to bart riders -- claudine wong is talking with bart riders. claudine? >> reporter: it is hard to find people as you might imagine who want to pay more but there seems to be one common theme, it is this resignation to ride and they will dig deeper. two thirds of the board must approve it and we have been
6:38 am
looking around and it does not look like there are other options on the table. it is either a larger fair hike down the road or they are just putting off the purchase of new railcars. how much are we talking about? they deal with both fares and parking. the increases are considered an inflation based increase. fares go up 5.2% and 3.9% in 2018 and 20/20 and that estimates more than $2,500 in revenues. parking changes and parking fares range from one to three dollars and how are people reacting, some see it as a sign of the times and others are creating harder times. >> to me transit is starved for money and i don't mind paying more. >> we got the bridge and they
6:39 am
are getting us every which way. >> everybody is going up. you know, and it looks like everybody is just dipping into the american public. they are just draining them. >> now that man told us he is getting ready to buy a car and will ride bart less but whether they want to pay more or less the proposed increase will not stop them from riding. it should be improved because the money raised will go to capital improvements. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the first friday street festival returns tomorrow and there will be changes because of the last event. it will officially end at 9:00 p.m. an hour earlier than before. the events held a long telegraph avenue will no longer stretch down 16th street and instead it will be
6:40 am
concentrated. thenow last night mayor jean quan was talking about the budget and it was during his state of the city address and those are the biggest challenges facing the city of oakland. coming up at 6:45 what she said about adding more police officers to the city streets. a broken water-main we showed you, crews will return to repair the damaged roads. a 61-year-old six inch cast iron pipe broke open and created a 300-foot sank hole. they don't know when it happened or caused this damage but five homes are red tagged.
6:41 am
they are now banning plastic bags and they are approving an old fans from offering plastic bags. those will cost customers and that ban takes affect july 1st. sal, there is a problem on 580 and the pass? >> yes, that's right it looks like there is a report of a big- rig on fire and we will put it up on a map here. this is a very heavily traveled area here and that truck fire is coming from dekalb and it's coming from the cab and you are going to see slower than usual traffic and the fire department is responding and chp is aware of it as well. fire on the pass there. let's move along and look at live pictures, we are backed up for a 25 minute delay and we have normal volume getting into
6:42 am
san francisco. if that is your plan, it looks good through downtown 280. let's go to steve. hold on, sal, he is gone. thank you. we just heard from anthony allegra, i call him tony. he is up in cobb mountain. there have been a few light showers and sprinkles, but the fog is left behind and the humidity is up, and the weekend will be sunny and cooler. another system is coming in on thursday and maybe things are change. we have a new weather pattern. most of the clouds are tracking well to the north and everything is driving up towards portland and seattle and crescent city. cloud cover will lift and it will be mostly sunny this morning and there is a lot more
6:43 am
humidity in the mix. saturday still looks good but sunday we have a more of a westerly breeze. most of this happened late last night from 11:00 to 1:00 a.m. the fact that it made it, it means something. and that cloud cover has a lot to do with the lows being mild. a lot of this looks like it is heading north. mostly sunny this afternoon and temperatures are not nearly as breezy. some of these are lower 70s and upper 60s, they are running above average, 72 gilroy, the leader of the fact san hose, brisbane 65 d.c., cooler sunday
6:44 am
and monday partly sunny skies, changes next week. this is a last day of the winter spare the air season. remember the air quality district issued 10 alerts and it is illegal to burn firewood outdoors and you could possibly get a $100 fine. 6:41 a former reality star is on the defense. what it has to do with last week's deadly shooting and crash on the vegas strip. the message they finally got and how it is putting them to rest. we will have more on the morning commute, stay tuned. hello?
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. good morning, partly cloudy skies skies all clearing out, mild to warm, upper 60s and 70s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. santa cruz officers will be going back to work this morning after mourning the loss of two
6:48 am
veteran detectives. we will have much more on how the deadly encounter unfolded coming up for you at the top of the hour. also pope benedict xvi has a little more than just four hours before he officially steps down. the pope met with his cardinals. he promised reverence and obedience and we will return to thank pope benedict xvi for his lifetime service to the catholic church. federal spending cuts exhibit later tonight. the senate will -- spending cuts later tonight. its senate will vote -- the senate will vote and neither is expected to pass. a shooting on the las vegas
6:49 am
strip. we are learning this woman is no longer a person of interest in the case. detectives said she was with harris when he shot oakland native junior in his car on the las vegas strip. they are not saying why but in the meantime it appears police may have released the wrong picture. this photo is not of the person in question. it is of tasha malik, a star on the bad girl's club. malik said she met harris two years ago in miami but had not kept in contact. they are facing a deadline today to decide whether it will taking the affect. they are due to area arguments
6:50 am
and the gay rights supporters are filing a friend of the court brief. the obama administration is filing a defensive marriage act and so far they have not weighed in on proposition 8. silicone valley giants are weighing in and oracle and others are joining us in a friend of the -- joining others in a friend of the court brief. they have one for hit row sexual -- hit row sexual couples and one for same-sex marriage couples. mayor jean quan said a new group of cadets is graduating and it is one of the most diverse. >> they will continue to have a police force that looks like and feels like the city of oakland because it is key to
6:51 am
city partnership. >> two more are planned but the mayor warned returning to that would highlight the positive and gains and jobs an entertainment inn strip is improving as -- industry is improving as well. the long awaited phone call came yesterday and they posted a message on facebook saying quote, i am alive. he is traveling with his girlfriend but family members became worried after they stopped posting updates on social media last month. relatives are relieved. >> we cannot describe the hope, and the emotion and the relief and the exhaustion that we are feeling right now.
6:52 am
>> peru's tourism industry was surprised about the chaos they caused. it is unknown when they plan to return home. westbound 80 as you head out to the panola valley road from there to san pablo, there is a little bit of a slow down because of a crash involving a bus and three other vehicles. it is westbound on 80 on san pablo and you will see some more traffic reported in the area and i want to move, there was an injury and you can strafer is backed up for about -- you can see traffic is backed up for a 25 minute delay
6:53 am
and we are looking at 237 and for the most part it's not all that bad as you drive to your job in the silicone valley. let's go to steve. we had some very light rain last night, mainly north bay, sprinkles, there were some measurable amounts, cobb mountain 101, but at least it counts and steven dunlap up in beautiful fort brag picked it up at 107. it looks like a few low clouds and they are starting to retreat, no 30s that i have found, mostly sunny and most are in the 40s. nice to warm this afternoon, humidity factor is up from 10:00 to 1:00 a.m. and that's what came through. next week it looks like things are promising for some rain, tuesday night wednesday into
6:54 am
thursday, look at the lows near 50s for oakland san francisco. yesterday at this time they were 44, antioch they were 36 but high clouds cover it, i don't use the word fair very often. 60s and 70s, novato, oakland 67, 72 morgan hill, gilroy santa cruz 74, and 60s and 70s on the peninsular and much of the coast. warmer on friday, high tropical clouds saturday and cooler sunday and changes next week. boeing is disagreeing with the japanese supplier on how to fix its troubled lithium batteries. they have a great partnership with the company who builds the
6:55 am
batteries and the wall street journal said they are disagreeing on what is needed to make the batteries safe. they are not corn firming their -- confirming their agreement but they are discussing the issue. in 2016, the announce isn't came from ceo tim cook and he is working with the city and hopes to break ground later this year. when it is completed that says ship building plans on nearly 3 million square feet. new this morning, the family of alex smith is talking about the impending trade. we will tell you about that blockbuster move. and there is a trip to mars
6:56 am
and we will tell you who he thinks will be perfect for that trip.
6:57 am
6:58 am
. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, taking a live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average is up and nasdaq and s&p 500 is up. 49ers quarterback alex smith has not talked publicly
6:59 am
about his impending trade to the kansas city chiefs we are hearing from his family and they say he is excited but she adds it is bittersweet because he worked hard, battled injuries and was finally playing well until he lost his quarterback job after suffering a concussion. paying for his own trip into space, and now he wants to pay for somebody else to go to mars. they call this the mission for america and he said it has been more than 40 years since we sent somebody to the moon. he thinks a married couple should go to mars since they will be living in very close quarters for that 501 day trip. still very slow on the pass because of that fire and watch

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